What’s Scarce?

Automation is turning once rare and valuable skills into commodities. In this new economy, what kind of work will retain its scarcity value?

Avoiding Rookie Time-Wasters in Adobe Analytics

As a web analytics tool, Adobe Analytics is a very different animal from Google Analytics. I've learned the hard way that plunging into an Adobe Analytics account for the first time with the expectation that it'll be as easy to master as Google Analytics is hubris. In...

Can We Teach Value Creation in Schools? (An Expanded Syllabus)

In the age of Google, we need to worry less about imparting information and more about cultivating the cerebral soil in which it’s planted. Students’ minds don’t need to be crammed with content; they need to be primed and wired to create value from the copious amounts of information available to them.

What Do We Do When Technology Increases Inequality?

Despite Donald Trump's promises to save factory jobs, the next few years will see the maturation of technologies that compete with blue collar labor. Fighting that fact is a fool's errand. Consider a few recent developments on the retail and transportation front. Just...