1. Steve Ballmer’s USA Facts website is a data-rich portrait of America, inspired by the U.S. Constitution. A fact-checker to accompany your news diet.
  2. Sarah LaFleur created a new narrative about women and shopping to launch her clothing line for female professionals. (Plus she has a uniquely introspective approach to career development.)
  3. Journalist Jane Jacobs saved Manhattan from becoming a generic, highway-crossed city and elevated urban planning with her book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities. (There’s a new documentary about her.)
  4. Sharon Melnick’s prescription for managing workplace stress: “Be impeccable for your 50%”: Control only what you can control and take full responsibility for it. (More in her book, Success Under Stress.)
  5. Amazon Go – shopping without a checkout line. Seeing opportunities for innovation where others don’t.