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Can Business Writing be Beautiful?

Can business writing be beautiful? Should it be? Can the language in your press release, corporate website or marketing prospectus paint a picture? Can it enhance understanding? Can it inspire?

Yes, yes, yes, yes…and yes.

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1 Sentence, 4 Copywriting Mistakes – Part II

In part I of this post, I reviewed the opening line of a sales email my friend Ana had written to her potential clients. That one little sentence contained four copywriting mistakes that, in my view, were probably costing her business.

Now it’s time for the rewrite.

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Financial Copywriting: 4 Mistakes My Brokerage Makes

copy fouls (1)For years, my online brokerage has sent me invitations to educational webinars on markets and investing. Now, if there’s an ideal audience member for these webinars, it’s me — I manage my money without the aid of a financial adviser, so I can always use free advice.

Yesterday, I did a search for all the webinar-related emails I’ve received from this brokerage since I became their customer five years ago. I found 100 of them in my archives.

How many of those webinars have I watched? Zero. I haven’t even signed up for one.

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A Review of Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy

Review of Ruth Soukup's EBA (1)There was a stretch in my career when I did a lot of ghostwriting. This presented a problem: I wanted to maintain an online writing portfolio, but my ghostwriting work was confidential and proprietary to my employer.

At the time, all my other writing occupied a pile of notebooks whose readership totaled zero. I knew I needed to blog — it was long overdue— so I created a self-hosted Wordpress site and got started.

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