I just wasted 15 minutes tweaking the layout of my blog. This damn Internet — aside from being the best thing to happen to society in a generation, it’s a time pit and a concentration killer. Could we create some kind of game that made the avoidance of procrastination as rewarding as a game of Candy Crush? If gold coins piled up steadily in a black pot in a corner of my computer screen for as long as I worked without interruption, would I take fewer email and web-surfing breaks? Would I be more productive, simply because those gold coins or hearts gave me a little dopamine rush?

And after, say, 30 minutes of uninterrupted concentration, could this game reward me with a smiley face and a message saying, “Congratulations! You’ve worked 30 minutes interruption-free. Reward yourself and give your brain a break by spending¬†five minutes on Facebook.” Then, could it lock me out of Facebook after five minutes? As my ability to concentrate grew, could I tell the game to reward me after 60 minutes of concentration, or 120 minutes?


This post is part of my 10 ideas a day series.