3 Reminders about Innovation from Amazon Go

Amazon has unveiled Amazon Go, a shopping experience that dispenses with cash registers and checkout stations. At Amazon Go stores, shoppers simply take things from the shelves, put them in their bags, and walk out, bypassing checkout lines entirely. The underlying...

Idea #10: Write a TV Show about Colonizing Mars

What would we do if given a fresh planetary start? Who would the colonizers be and what kind of society would they try to create? What sort of contact would they have with people back on Earth? How would environmental constraints shape their way of life? What...

Idea #5: Gamify Time Management

I just wasted 15 minutes tweaking the layout of my blog. This damn Internet — aside from being the best thing to happen to society in a generation, it’s a time pit and a concentration killer.

Idea #4: Create a Framework

Figure out a framework for a skill or discipline the way Seth Godin has for marketing and leadership, and Avinash Kaushik has for web analytics, and write a book about it.   This post is part of my 10 ideas a day...

10 Ideas a Day

Today, in the information age, we do a lot of reacting, commenting, liking, posting, sharing and watching. This all cuts into time that we could have spent thinking.

What Comes After LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was innovative 15 years ago, but today it falls short as a career management tool. The professional social networking site of tomorrow needs a fundamentally different value proposition.